Virtual Tribology: A new dimension to metal forming simulations

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Tribology is complex, TriboForm is not.


TriboForm is a software solution for the simulation of tribology, friction and lubrication in metal forming processes.


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TriboForm: in 3 steps to success

1. Use TriboForm

Use the TriboForm software to simulate tribology, friction and lubrication conditions for the materials and lubricants applied in actual metal forming production.

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2. Integrate in simulations

Integrate TriboForm in metal forming simulations and achieve faster and more accurate metal forming simulations with enriched simulation functionalities.

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3. Start your benefits

Apply TriboForm in your operational workflow to reduce costs, shorten the time-to-market and improve product quality throughout the development process.

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  • ''Simulation of temperature effects in the start-up of stamping production is the key topic in the EU ASPECT project. TriboForm delivers part of the required simulation technology''

    Consortium - ASPECT project

  • 'At the CAE & Die Development Department of Volvo Car Group, it is concluded that friction simulation is the way forward for improving metal forming simulations'

    Dr. M. Sigvant, Volvo Car Group (FTF 2015)

  • 'If the quality of metal forming simulations is to be improved, an adequate description of tribological factors is required'

    Prof. K. Roll, Daimler AG (Numisheet 2008)

  • 'Optimizing the process and lubrication conditions in try-out and mass production is the way to make high-quality products at an increasingly competitive way; TriboForm is the enabling software solution. '

    T. Pilvousek & L. Rolecek, Skoda Auto

  • 'Instead of performing many friction experiments, we should truly understand friction and simulate it. TriboForm software is the enabling solution'

    C. Dane, Tata Steel (Triboforum 2013)

  • 'TriboForm enables more accurate sheet metal forming simulations by accounting for the friction and lubrication conditions corresponding to stamping production.'

    Dr. M. Sigvant, Volvo Car Group (FTF 2015)

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