TriboForm Library

TriboForm Library

The TriboForm Library offers direct access to a comprehensive industry standard tribology and friction database. It includes the most recent and commonly used materials and lubricants applied in the sheet metal forming industry. Let TriboForm Engineering customize your TriboForm Library... View Article

TriboForm FEM Plug-In

The TriboForm FEM Plug-In enables one-step integration of TriboForm results into commercial FEM simulation packages. This enables advanced tribology, friction and lubrication simulation in the most commonly used sheet metal forming simulation packages for AutoForm.

TriboForm Analyzer

The TriboForm Analyzer is a standalone software solution enabling users to efficiently simulate, visualize and evaluate tribology, friction and lubrication conditions for the most commonly used sheet materials, tooling material and lubricants in the sheet metal forming industry. Users can... View Article