Customer Cases

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'Volvo Cars, like most OEMs, is looking for the next step to improve simulation accuracy and reduce tryout corrections. This is why they invest in TriboForm it is the next step forward.'

Marc Lambriks - AutoForm Engineering

'Accounting for the actual tribology system and it’s variations is critical for use in stamping simulations and brings simulations closer to press-shop reality. '

Julie Lacues, Groupe Renault

'If the quality of metal forming simulations is to be improved, an adequate description of tribological factors is required'

Prof. K. Roll, Daimler AG

'At the CAE & Die Development Department of Volvo Car Group, it is concluded that friction simulation is the way forward for improving metal forming simulations'

Dr. M. Sigvant, Volvo Car Group

'Simulation of temperature effects in the start-up of stamping production is the key topic in the EU ASPECT project. TriboForm delivers part of the required simulation technology'

Consortium - ASPECT project

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