Engineering Service

TriboForm Engineering offers engineering services in analysing and improving tribology, friction and lubrication in metal forming processes. With our engineering team, we are looking forward to employ our expert experience and software products to solve your case problem.

Our engineering services include:

  • Engineering projects to address your case problem
  • Full service consulting in virtual tribology and metal forming simulations
  • Execution of TriboForm simulations tailored to your needs
  • Cooperation in research and development projects
  • Extensions of the TriboForm software products
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Training & Support

TriboForm provides training and support services. This enables you to fully exploit the TriboForm software products.

Directly join one of our trainings:

  1. Introduction
  2. Advanced
  3. Expert

Or request a training tailored to your needs.

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Custom Library

TriboForm Engineering generates and delivers the tribology cards for your metal forming simulations. Customize your TriboForm Library by adding customer specific tribology cards. 

A tribology card can be generated per combination of:

  • Sheet material
  • Lubricant
  • Tooling material

The following tasks are performed to obtain a tribology card, which can be directly imported in the TriboForm Library:

  1. Identification of your tribology system (sheet, lubricant, tool material)
  2. Coordination of material and specimen generation
  3. Execution of tribology testing at TriboForm or partner laboratories
  4. Post processing of test data and generation of tribology card
  5. Importing of tribology card in your customized TriboForm Library
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