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TriboForm is a high-impact software solution for the simulation of tribology, friction and lubrication in metal forming processes. The one-step integration in commercial simulation packages enables faster and more accurate metal forming simulations with enriched functionalities.

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analyser-interface triboform-analyzer1 The TriboForm Analyzer is a standalone software solution enabling users to efficiently simulate, visualize and evaluate tribology, friction and lubrication conditions for the most commonly used sheet materials, tooling material and lubricants in the sheet metal forming industry. Users can access the TriboForm Library and directly export results for the TriboForm FEM Plug-In.  


triboform-library The TriboForm Library offers direct access to a comprehensive industry standard tribology and friction database, including more then 100 friction cards. It includes the most recent and commonly used materials and lubricants applied in the sheet metal forming industry. Let TriboForm Engineering customize your TriboForm Library by adding user-defined materials and lubricants.


triboform-fem-plug-inThe TriboForm FEM Plug-In enables one-step integration of TriboForm results into commercial FEM simulation packages. This enables advanced tribology, friction and lubrication simulation in the most commonly used sheet metal forming simulation packages for AutoForm.    




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TriboForm-EfficiencyFaster, more accurate and complete metal forming simulations will play an increasingly important role in driving operational efficiency, achieve cost and time savings and ensure high product quality. TriboForm is a high-impact software solution for the simulation of tribology, friction and lubrication in metal forming processes, enabling our manufacturing customers to:
Minimize the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of metal formed products
TriboForm enhances the current standard of sheet metal forming simulations. It improves simulation accuracy in planning, enables the detection of part quality issues with higher confidence, and increases the efficiency of R&D by enriching simulation functionalities.
Shorten the time-to-market of new products
TriboForm enables higher quality tooling designs, resulting in savings on tooling try-outs, try-out time and costs. The enriched simulation functionalities enables the simulation of tooling surface, sheet surface and lubrication characteristics on product quality, and prevents late tooling changes in the process.
Improve the final product quality
Sheet metal forming companies are faced with production problems that can be inexplicable and random. TriboForm provides enriched simulation functionalities to predict and explain such issues in earlier phases of product and tooling design, therefore minimizing reject rates while maximizing product quality.
TriboForm-Easy-IntegrationThe TriboForm software data can be directly integrated through a one-step approach into commercial simulation packages. This enables instantly faster and more accurate metal forming simulations with enriched functionalities, throughout the whole development process: from concept, to engineering, to mass production.
One-step integration into FEM software packages
The TriboForm Plug-In guarantees a smooth and fully-compatible data flow between TriboForm and commercial FEM simulation packages. The TriboForm-Plug-In is available for the most commonly used sheet metal forming simulation packages, including AutoForm, Pam-Stamp and LS-Dyna.
Seamless application into the existing operational workflow
TriboForm software solutions are designed to seamlessly complement existing development processes and operational workflows. Ranging from a standalone TriboForm Plug-In for a quick manufacturability check in the design phase, to a completely integrated multi-module TriboForm Analyser for a detailed tribological analysis in tooling design, try-out and production.
Easy utilization throughout the supply chain
TriboForm is developed to be used by customers throughout the supply chain. It is suitable for use at companies of varying sizes, including die makers, steel suppliers and OEMs with multiple manufacturing locations and departments.
TriboForm-AccuracyTribology, friction and lubrication play a key-role in achieving high quality metal formed products. To obtain reliable and realistic simulation results, it is therefore critical to accurately account for these effects in metal forming simulations. TriboForm is the enabling software solution.
Accurate description of tribology, friction and lubrication in metal forming simulations
TriboForm replaces the commonly used constant coefficient of friction in metal forming simulations with extensive and highly accurate friction data. It enables the accurate simulation of friction conditions between the sheet, lubricant, and tooling combination used in actual production by accounting for the actual material and lubricant properties, surface characteristics and process conditions.
Improved simulation accuracy of critical quality factors
Tribology and friction have a high-impact on the accuracy of metal forming simulations. Using TriboForm, critical product quality factors like springback, draw-in, splits or wrinkling can be simulated with increased accuracy and confidence. TriboForm empowers our customers to strongly improve simulation accuracy throughout the development process.
Enriched high-impact simulation functionalities
TriboForm enriches metal forming simulation functionalities by accounting for critical tribology factors. It enables simulating friction for a defined type of sheet material, lubricant and tooling material. Moreover, it enables simulating the robustness of metal forming processes more realistically by varying the sheet roughness, tooling roughness or lubrication amount as faced in actual production.


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